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(Albuns Ao Vivo) Live After Death-1985


                      Live After Death-1985

Download(4shared)1985-Live After Death

                                                Disco 1

                                              2."Aces High" 5:29
                                              3."2 Minutes to Midnight"6:06
                                              4."The Trooper"4:29
                                              6."Flight of Icarus"3:49
                                              7."The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"13:12
                                              9."The Number of the Beast"4:37
                                              10."Hallowed be Thy Name"7:30
                                              11."Iron Maiden"4:21
                                              12."Run to the Hills"3:53
                                              13."Running Free"3:24
                                                 DISCO 2
                                              15."22 Acacia Avenue"6:19
                                              16."Children of the Damned"4:34
                                              17."Die With Your Boots On"5:15
                                              18."The Phantom of the Opera"7:24
                                              The Trooper Live-1985

                       2 Minutes to Midnight







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