sexta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2012

Piece Of Mind 1983

                     Piece Of Mind-1983
                                                Download(4Shared)Piece Of Mind
                                                1."Where Eagles Dare" 6:10
                                                2."Revelations" 6:48
                                                3."Flight of Icarus" 3:51
                                                4."Die With Your Boots On" 5:28
                                                5."The Trooper"  4:15
                                                6."Still Life" 4:53
                                                7."Quest for Fire" 3:41
                                                8."Sun and Steel" 3:26
                                                9."To Tame a Land" 7:27

                                                          The Trooper-1983

                                                         Flight of Icarus-1983

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