sábado, 1 de setembro de 2012

Brave New World 2000

                                                 Download(4Shared)Brave New World

                                                 1."The Wicker Man" 4:35
                                                 2."Ghost of the Navigator" 6:50
                                                 3."Brave New World" 6:18
                                                 4."Blood Brothers" 7:14
                                                 5."The Mercenary"  4:42
                                                 6."Dream of Mirrors" 9:21
                                                 7."The Fallen Angel" 4:00
                                                 8."The Nomad" 9:05
                                                 9."Out of the Silent Planet" 6:25
                                                 10."The Thin Line Between Love & Hate" 8:27

                                                   The Wicker Man-2000
Out of the Silent Planet-2000

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