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The X Factor 1995

                                                 Download:The x Factor (4shared)

                                                1."Sign of the Cross" 11:17
                                                2."Lord of the Flies" 5:03
                                                3."Man on the Edge" 4:13
                                                4."Fortunes of War" 7:23
                                                5."Look for the Truth"5:10
                                                6."The Aftermath" 6:20
                                                7."Judgement of Heaven" 5:12
                                                8."Blood on the World's Hands" 5:57
                                                9."The Edge of Darkness" 6:39
                                                10."2 A.M."5:37
                                                11."The Unbeliever" 8:10

                                                     Lord of the Flies-1995 
                                                       Man on the Edge-1995

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