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Death on the Road 2005

                                             Download:(4Shared)Death on the Road CD-1
                                             Download:(4Shared)Death on the Road CD-2
                                                                   Disco 1

                                             1."Wildest Dreams" 4:51
                                             3."Can I Play With Madness?"3:30
                                             4."The Trooper"4:12
                                             5."Dance Of Death"9:23
                                             7."Brave New World"6:09
                                             9."Lord Of The Flies"5:06

                                          Disco 2                                           
                                             1."No More Lies"7:49               
                                             2."Hallowed Be Thy Name"7:31
                                             3."Fear Of The Dark"7:28
                                             4."Iron Maiden"4:50
                                             6."The Number of the Beast"4:57
                                             7."Run To The Hills" 4:26

                                                 Wildest Dreams

                                                The Number of the Beast

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